Ms. Eleanor Moyza

by Eleanor
(Albuquerque, NM)

I absolutely LOVE this website! I love soulfood and the website brings back wonderful memories of my mother-in-law, now gone to be with the Lord.

She started cooking when she was 8. Her mother taught her how to cook and at that young age, it was very necessary because her parents worked in the cotton fields and she took care of her younger siblings and cooked for the family.

As a wife and Mother and mother-in-law, she cooked delicious meals...neckbones, mustard and spinach greens (my favorite greens) and cornbread and pinto beans and she would add some Mexene Chili Powder to the beans. All her meals were delicious and appreciated by everyone.

She had no written recipes. Everything was in her head.
I loved the cabbage she cooked with salt pork, the beef pot roast with home-made gravy and to this day, I still cook pot roast the way she did.

Do you have these soul food recipes in a book that I can buy?
I have a computer, but I like to pore through recipes in a cookbook. I look forward to seeing more recipes on your website and trying them out.

Thank you.
Eleanor Moyza

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