Mrs. Need to lose weight

by Genn
( Ontario, Canada)

I do not like to call it a diet. I don't think diets work. Its more of a life changing decision to imporve our health.

I have gone to the gym, walked, excerise videos, had my friends drag me out to excerise and have tried a few diet plans with no results or motivation to continue on.

I attempted to eat healthy, excerise 3 times a week and drink at least 6-8 glasses of water a day. I can last maybe 2 weeks tops doing this. I lose 5 pounds or 2 inches.

When I feel and see the results I give up. I try hard not to, but something stops me. I'm gaining weight rapidly now and have a low self esteem.

I feel this stops my will power to loss weight and get in shape for my health. If there is something that can help, my ears and eyes are open.

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