Losing Weight Can Be Hard

by Nikki
(Lawrenceville(Atlanta), Georgia)

I was 100 lbs until I reached 24 then I met my ex and moved in with him. He was a homebody so therefore I became one also, in the process I gained almost 80lbs.

I moved to another state, broke up with him and lost 40lbs. One year later I became pregnant and after delivering my daughter weighted 170lbs. I have weighted 170 for over three years now.

According to my doctors who are after me to lose some weight for my height I should weight 135lbs. I weighted that when I broke up with my ex and I was (to me) too thin.

I would like to lose the weight and get down to maybe 150, but having a small child and a boyfriend who liked southern meals and rice, I have'nt been able to lose the weight.

It bothers me and I am tired all the time because of it, I have attempted numerous times to begin an exercise program or diet but its hard to do with so many temptations around.

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