Living For Diets

by Kristina Lunsford
(Lathrop, Ca. United States of America)

Well lets see as a young child we did not have a lot of money. So many times all we had to eat was one bowl of plain slow cooked oatmeal a day. I have hated oatmeal ever since.

As I grew into a teenager and my mom was single we seemed to have more food readily available to us. I tell you everything tasted so good that I ate anything and everything I could. I did not seem to gain weight at that time as I was very active. As I got older and less active I did gain weight and tried every diet you could think of including the starvation diet.

I soon found out that once the weight was off and the diet over I would gain more weight back than I originally tried to lose. I am now in my late 40's. a diabetic on medication, asthmatic, with back and hip problems that make it almost impossible to get any exercise.

I am very over weight with no hope of losing the pounds that I have gained. Surgery is out due to sensitivity to anesthesia. I have learned that diets do not work.

What works is a change of life. Do not cut calories back so far that your body goes into hibernation and packs on the pounds. Also when you make the change to lose the weight, you need to make it a life long change. For those of you that can make the change do so now before it's too late.

Live life to the fullest. To coin a phrase Live like today is your last.

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