Limited Mobility

by Gwen

Before becoming ill with RA, I was a 5'7" 145lb active woman. I am now in constant pain and weigh 55 additional lbs. I know the meds don't help, but I also know that something can be done!! All sick people are not fat!! I am confined to using a walker and wheelchair.

I exercise three to four times a week. My biggest problem is thunder thighs. I eat no fried foods, only fresh steamed vegetables and fruits, fish, chicken, lean pork and turkey products. Meat is usually grilled. Special, K or Rasin Bran cereal, egg beaters and Conecuh sausage.

I do not eat processed lunch meats. I drink soy milk and use soy products, and eat yogurt. I love ice-cream (Blue Belle homemade vanilla), I try to keep it to a bowl every two weeks.

Do you thank weight loss is something I should be concerned about? If so, what advise can you give me about dieting?

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