I Love Soulfood!

by Eleanor Moyza
(Phoenix, AZ)

Hi: My name is Eleanor and I really do love Soulfood! My ex mother-in-law, now deceased would cook special meals all the time and she was a GREAT COOK! She started cooking at the age of 8 to help out her parents who worked in the cottonfields.
By the way, she was African American and a wonderful, sweet lady. I am Hispanic and I have tried to cook these meals for friends/family but they don't like most of the recipes.???

Bread Pudding: My special meals cooked by her was Bread Pudding (she would make it just for me because none of her children liked it except me and my father-in-law.

*Steamed Cabbage: Love it!

*Pinto Beans cooked with MEXENE Chili Powder and Cornbread!

*Mustard Greens and Spinach and Cornbread.


*Peach Cobbler

*Beef Pot Roast with potatoes, carrots and onions and cooked in a homemade graVY. I still cook that sometimes.But no one else likes the gravy. They don't know what they're missing.

* Brown gravy over white, steamed rice. I love it!

* Beef Steak or Pork Steak cooked with homemade brown gravy.

* Cabbage Rolls

* Spaghetti with chili sauce made with red BRICK CHILI (I can't find the Brick Chili anywhere)

* Her Cornbread Dressing for Turkey (mine doesn't come out just like hers, of course. She had that Special Touch).

* Enchiladas:The filling contained hamburger meat and pinto beans, green chili, onions, cheese and red enchilada sauce all over them). They were divine! I cook that once in a while.

This lovely lady is in Heaven now and I really do miss her and my father-in-law although I'm not married to their son anymore, who recently passed away also. I called her Mama and I called my Father-in-Law POPS. Really wonderful people.

One day I cooked greens and cornbread and pork steak and took it to work for my lunch. There was a black lady (African American) in the lounge eating her lunch. When she saw what I was eating, her eyebrows went up in surprise and she asked me, "Do you really like that?" I said, "I love it". haha

Thank you very much for allowing me to tell you my story. Please let me know if there is a SOULFOOD COOKBOOK with ALL the recipes in one, so that I can buy one if it's not too expensive. Please keep on adding your recipes.
God Bless You All at Soulfood.

Eleanor Moyza

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