Learn How to Feed A Family Of Four On Only $30 Per Week

Do You Only Have $200 Per Month Budgeted for Groceries and Need To Feed Your Family Of Four?

Get comfortable and let me tell you "How to Feed A Family of Four on a very tight budget.

How much are you spending per week to feed your family of four?


Was your answer $100 or less? If so go ahead and pat yourself on the back…the fact you're spending less than 100 dollars per week on groceries is phenomenal.

You are in a class of your own. In fact your ability to spend less is a highly sought after skill. Most people I know would more than likely pay big buck for your knowledge.

On average it cost 175 dollars per week to feed a family of four...that's $700 a month. Some people spend less, but more people spend well above these limits.

Here's The Catch To Save Big Money And Give Yourself An Instant Pay Raise

What If I told you I know of a way you could feed your family of 4 for only 30 dollars per week? Would you be interested in knowing how to feed a family of four with very little money? I bet you would.

I mean who wouldn't like the idea of feeding their family on a monthly budget of less than $200 dollars?

If you pull this off you could pocket as much as $500 dollars per month in savings...that's assuming you have a weekly food bill of around $175. If you're paying more it means you'll save more.

Imagine...now you have extra money to pay...

  • For a new dress
  • To get your hair done
  • To have your nails manicured
  • Off those nagging creditors
  • For the vacation you want to take
  • For whatever luxuries in life you've been putting off

But right know you're probably skeptical!

You just plain out don't believe that it's possible for you to spend as little as $30 per week and there not be a catch.

You Can Save Big Bucks Without Having To Clip Coupons Or Buy Generic products

You're probably thinking I'd have to clip coupons are mess around with manufacturer rebates to get these type of savings.

You might be thinking you will have to buy expired or damaged food products. Maybe even unhealthy foods.

Or maybe you're thinking you'd have to stop buying name brand products and go with generic brands.

In all cases you'd be wrong.

You want have to mess around with coupons, generic, expired or damaged products to get your grocery bill down to 30 dollars per week.

Stay With Me, Here's Where I Reveal Just One Of My Solutions To Help You Pay Less For Groceries

Now here's my solution as to How to Feed a Family of Four on $30 per week.

Angel Food Ministries a non-profit, non-denominational organization provides grocery relief to residents in 35 states across America.

Here's how the program works.

To get started just visit the website to see if you state is participating in the Angel Food program. If so just search for the nearest distribution center and place your order.

Just in case you're wondering there are no applications to fill out and everyone qualifies...no matter what you income of financial status.

I market a product for parents who spend way too much money each month on groceries, like I use to do. I tried it all, I've used coupons, bought in bulk, purchased wholesale, I even planned meals around items in my grocery store's sales ad. But nothing seemed to make a difference. So then I tried this product and after one month I was able to pay less for my groceries. Do you know of anyone who might like to know about a product like this?