How to Clean and Cook Chitterlings

I'm looking for tips and advice on How to clean and cook chitterlings?

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Nov 22, 2010
Cleaning and or cooking chitterlings
by: Cariol

There is a inner lining on a chitterling and the best way to clean them is to catch one at the end and pull the lining away. Doing this will take away all of the food particles if done correctly.

Once you get the hang of what you are doing, it will take you no time to clean them. Just remember to have a waste container next to you to put the throw-a-way in and a bowl or boiler for the cleaned chitterlings.

Then they are ready to be washed and cooked. As far as cooking them, people cook them all differently. I hope this will help you.

I like mine cooked slow in salt, pepper, a small amount of onion and red pepper.

Oh, and don't forget the hot sauce after they hit the plate.

This is the way I like them because adding all those other ingredients that I have seen on the internet only takes away the flavor. But you can always pull up different recipes for chitterlings. I hope this will help you.

Dec 28, 2009
by: Larry Hamby

Having grown up in the South and being somewhat familiar with chitterlings (better: "Chitlins"), I would advise you to get rid of them as quickly as possible -- preferably by deep burial.

Failing that, buy them pre-cleaned, then boil the hell out of them until they don't small anymore, then batter and fry them.

Actually after being properly boiled and fried they are pretty good. but you can fry tripe and it's better. And it smells better.

If you are not familiar with chitlins. you are in for a shock!

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