How To Brown Meat

A Key Ingredient To Smothered Cooking

Okay, so the obvious question is. Why do I need to know how to brown meat? The quick answer is for flavor and appeal. You brown meat for two basic purposes: (1) to seal in the natural flavors and juices and (2) to make the meat more visually appealing by giving it a deep brown color. If you want to create flavorful and appealing meats, the process of browning is a prerequisite to cooking.

In order for the browning process to be effective and painless you must be armed with the right equipment.

  •   Heavy cast iron skillet
  •   Cooking oil
  •   Seasoning

Here is a more detailed explanation of what is needed to create delectably tasting brown meats.

Start off by selecting a suitable aluminum pot, cast iron skillet or sauce pan. A good pan, pot or skillet has a heavy bottom that allows for even heat distribution which results in uniform cooking.

Next, prepare your meat for cooking by rinsing and patting dry with a piece of paper towel.

Seasoning of the meat is very important to enhance taste. Add your seasoning mixture to the meat, then lightly coat with flour. Set aside for cooking. For best results meat should be at room temperature before adding seasoning and flour.

Now it's time for the browning process to begin.

Heat vegetable oil over medium-high heat. Be sure to add enough oil to cover the bottom of your pot, skillet or sauce pan. When the oil is hot, add meat (don't overcrowd) and brown on both sides until well browned. Remove cooked meat and set aside on paper towels to drain grease.

That's the entire process of how to brown meat. Yes it sounds simple, but if you haven't done this in the past you will taste a noticeable different is your meat.

How about some sautéd vegetables with your meat?

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