How Long Do I Cook Cabbage

by Lanell
(Beckley, WV)

I plan on cooking a pot that has carrots, onion, cabbage, and potatoes in it. I have already got my carrots and onion going. Next, I plan to put in my potatoes because I learned from someone that it takes very little time to cook cabbage. Is this correct? Also, should I put saltpork in the pot to cook with the cabbage or a real piece of canned ham? Thanks for your help.

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May 12, 2018
Add cabbage last
by: Anonymous

Given all of the other ingredients you mentioned, it almost sounds like stuff I would usually add as the veggies to a hearty meat soup (a stew without the thickening). And my method is to sear the cubed meat which then simmers slowly in a large pot to tenderize, then start adding the veggies in order of the time they take to cook.

Carrots & turnips come after the meat has slowly simmered for at least half an hour (they don't contain as much water as the later stuff). Bring back to simmer then, 15-20 minutes later, potatoes. Bring back to simmer, and after 15 minutes add celery, then onions and cabbage. The latter times depend on type of potatoes - white and yellow are more firm, red and then russet can become softer faster, so time to add the last veggies can be shorter.

when potatoes - depending on type - are fork tender, your soup should be ready and have distributed all of the flavours of all of the ingredients.

At the beginning add salt, pepper and herbs (I use a commercial Italian Seasoning I get at an Italian center, but use fresh chopped if you like). You can get away with lots of herbs, but will have to experiment to determine how much salt and pepper is best for you.

Sep 26, 2011
How to Cook Cabbage in Slow Cooker
by: KingSparta

Here are some important cook times for the average Slow cooker.

- It takes about six hours to cook cabbage
- It takes 3 hours to cook whole potatoes
- It takes 2 hours to cook carrots
- It takes 2 hours to cook onions

Hope this information helps you.

Jul 17, 2009
by: Sharon

When I cook cabbage it doesn't take that much time to cook. I like my cabbage cooked only about fifteen minute, because if you cook it any longer it gets mushy. And when I season my cabbage I put some butter and bouillon cubes and seasoning salt.

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