Houston Soul Food Restaurants

Serving Up Delicious Homestyle Comfort Foods

Houston Soul Food Restaurants feature a variety of southern favorites. If you're visiting Texas for the first time be sure to taste some barbecue ribs and brisket. You know Texas is known for its barbecue.

Likewise, traditionally prepared soul food in Houston restaurants also makes for good eating.

Take-out is just as popular as dine-in. Probably due to the fact that most of the restaurants décor is less than glamorous.

So, don't expect to find many upscale soul food restaurants in Houston.

Some of the Houston favorite soul food restaurants have weird hours of operations. They don't stay open late but they do close early, so call ahead and verify before heading out to eat.

Houston Restaurant Reviews

Soul On the Bayeaux
This restaurant is well known for its Louisiana style Cajun cooking. The menu changes often, but you can be sure to get a very fresh and tasty soul food meal.

Yo Mama's Soul Food Restaurant
Yes this southern style home cooking taste just like Yo Mama's Sunday dinner specials. Yo Mama's offers it all so be sure to unbuckle you top pants button before sitting down at the table.

Just Oxtails Soul Food Restaurant
The oxtails are delicious, as well is the other home style southern dishes. On any given day you'll find this restaurant packed with locals and visitors alike.

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Note: The dinner menus, features and prices presented for these restaurants can change at anytime. Therefore please call ahead to confirm the latest information, prices and restaurant features before visiting your favorite soul food restaurant.