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I just love your recipe for homemade lemonade. My husband loves to drink it. Well I have never made it before today, so I went looking for a recipe and I tried yours.

My husband fell in love with it and now wants me to make it everyday for him and the guys at work.

Thanks for having a great recipe and making it free to us that do not know alot about things like this. It was a gift from god, as he said it reminded him of his childhood. Thanks again for just giving me the opportunity to make my husband happy.

Christy Hicks

Thanks for the great recipes. I am a Southerner and some of these recipes are either new to me or have a great "twist" to the usual. I have added this site to my Favorites.

Sue McGuire

This is a great site , I found you on google

Janice Powers

Just found your site today and was good to find southern cooking. I was born in Arkansas and moved to Texas. Southern food is the best.

Cora Falls

I have just returned from a business trip to Hamburg where I ate the most delicious warm potato salad. Thank you for providing me with the recipe, which I will try over the weekend. I read with interest about how you began. I know this may sound stupid but I was unaware that having a web site where you did not get any money for your product made a profit. How is that possible?

Kind regards Mary

Mary Bishop
London England

Nice, added to my favorites!

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Thank you for my kind of recipes. My mother and grandmother are gone so I have no one to help me do the dishes I grew up with.

Thanks again.

Barbara Lewis
United States

Really great recipes. Easy to follow. My family will be happy. Thanks for sharing. This is the best website I seen so far.

Bridget Martin
United States

My mother never took us in the kitchen to show us how to make soul food. We just enjoyed the Sunday dinners and holidays.

I have 4 sisters and we all try and call mom now to catch up on recipes for our families. Some of us caught on better than others but your website is a blessing. I tell my sisters to look on your site too.

Thanks...from a sister that can cook!

Jenisha Neal
United States

Great site, Linnen! I am a hobby cook myself and will soon submit one of my favourite austrian recipes (I am austrian!). Best regards, Stella from

Stella Hooverman

Hallo I love your website. I try to set something for myself with baking and try to make it big and find the right recipes. I start from my house and we try to get commercial. I keep looking but I live in Canada.

This website is good take care Rina.

Rina van Hensbergen

Hello, I needed soul food recipes. Thank you for offering this help.

Carol Alexander
United States

What do you do when your mother is Hispanic, and your father is African American, but never stood around long enough for you to experience the culture, until you married an African American man from Georgia?

Who was never really into "arroz con pollo" and you must cook to his liking?

So you search the web for this great site that keeps him happy to know southern home cooking like his mama's is in our home as well.

Elizabeth Demps
United States

Tried the chicken & dumplings. Easier than my grandma's recipe. My husband and I absolutely loved it. Thanks for sharing your recipe

United States

I would like to know if you have blueberry dumplings in your cookbook? Its a lot I want to learn to cook. I can cook but not that and I want to learn to make me an egg custard pie. If so I would like to buy your cookbook.

Wanda Garret
United States

Hello I found your great website on I was wondering if you would not mind naming my website ( on your website? I have been in business for less than a year.

Nyasha Manyonda

I just loved all the wonderful recipes. I looked it made my mouth water. Can't wait to make your Grandma's chicken and dumplins.

My mamaw just loved pickled pigs feet and she said she ate every part of the pig and boy could she ever cook. Would I love to be able to set my feet under her table just one more time.

Some of those old time recipes brought a tear to my eye, you can't find that good old home cooking like that just any place any more.

I try to make some good dishes and I love making homemade biscuits and cornbread and green beans with a smoked ham shank in it and new taters. Am I making your mouth water yet. Ha ha well I just love your web and will visit it often. Have a rainbow day and lot's of good recipes.

Meredith Sue
United States

Hello, very nice site you have!


Thanks again everyone for all the great comments and feedback.

J Jay