Fat Cat Khef

by Laric

As a kid, I always looked forward to family get togethers, knowing that there would be a lot of great food, with everyone bringing their signature soul food masterpieces.

And with my grandparents on both sides being professional cooks, my grandfather owned the neighbor diner, and my grandmothers both cooked for their respective employers, I was exposed to various types of cuisine at an early age and grew to savor different types of food.

As I grew older, my grandparents allowed me to slowly become involved in their work. The more time I spent in the kitchen, the more my love for food and cooking grew.

Over the years my skills grew and I became aware of my love for cooking. But then due to unexpected circumstances, my road to pursuing cooking got put on hold. I had, had plans of talking with my older relatives and trying to get their recipes, but as time went on , they were slowly passing away, along with them their fabulous secrets!

And by the time I got my life back on the path of pursuing my culinary dreams, most of the relatives who I wanted to seek out for their recipes, were sadly no longer with us.

I felt what a lost all those fabulous knowledge an heritage gone! But I did follow my dream that I had set aside for many years, I did pursue a culinary career, and found the satisfaction I knew would come from doing what I loved to do cook.

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