Evangelist Myles

by Evangelist Myles

I am a southern girl. I was born in the South but raised in the North. My parents (both of them) were from the South so therefore our home training was Southern based. My mom taught us how to clean mostly and we kind of observed the way she cooked. She didn't allow us in her kitchen too much. Even so I along with several of my siblings learned how to cook Southern style.

At one point in time a guy I dated loved my cooking so much that he wanted me to open up a restaurant. Many people in the cities I lived in would drop by to eat often times and they loved my cooking. Even until this day people who have eaten my cooking make comments about "what a great cook I am." I don't cook as often I use to nor do I desire to do it but when I do cook a serious meal I want it to be right. This site will be one that I will use from time-to-time to refresh my memory as well as one that I will try different food items from it.

Thank you for the post.

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