Do Diets Work? It All Depends

by Jennifer
(South Amboy NJ)

I feel like if the diet is something that you can do and stick with it will work. Like adding some kind of supplement into your diet. I personally replace my lunch with Rice N Shine it has helped me to loose 10 pounds so far.

I also do Karate 2 times a week. I get my best results from replacing all sodas and sugar beverages with Lemon water with a little bit of Celtic sea salt throughout the day. I have been unable to do a colon cleanse for the past 3 years due to the fact I have been either pregnant or nursing. They do help if you get one that is a good one.

You can loose a quick 10 pounds and if you do a colon cleanse every 2 to 3 months that weight stays gone. You need to make sure that you are acheiving 2 to 3 bowl movements a day though and if you ever stop acheiving that it is time for another colon cleanse.

I have also been on an alkaline diet havent' seen much weight loss yet however I have seen increased energy so maybe it just takes a little time to loose the weight. So that I get a chance to eat the things that I like I cook dinner for the family like I always would. I make my self a big salad, with cucumber, tomatoes, califlower, broccli, organic lettuce, and onions, and a half of an apple on top, these are all alkalizing foods.

I also make my own salad dressing from scratch I use Fresh squeezed lemon juice(it is the only way that lemon juice is alkalizing) I also use dried parsely, a little cheyenne pepper, cold pressed olive oil, and oregano, a pinch of celtic sea salt (only uniondized sea salt is acceptable for the diet) edible flowers and I use 4-8 raw almonds depending on how much I am making.

I blend it all in a food processor. The almonds thicken the dressing so that it is more like a dressing rather than like an oil and vinegar type thing. I eat the salad before I eat my meal. I use a dessert plate to make sure that I am getting smaller portions of what I am eating that is cooked food. That seems to work for bringing up my PH balance.

So when are you going to send me my copy of how to loose weight I want to know your idea now see if I have tried it.

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