How To Use The Cooking Rule
Of Attraction To Get A Potential Mate

The Cooking Rule of Attraction really works!

Really, even you can use your ability to create home cooking to entice the man or women of your dreams--this stuff really works. All you need to do is get him or her to the table, place some delicious food in from of him or her and the rest is history. Do you believe the old saying, "that the best way to a man's heart is through his stomach?". Men this also applies to women as well.

I didn't give this old saying too much thought at first. Mainly because I love food. So ideally anyone women who can burn in the kitchen is a goddess in my opinion.  

But I've received many emails from happy cooks both men and women, whose relationships have benefited greatly from some good old fashioned home cooking.  

Don't underestimate the cooking power of attraction.  Instead put this power to use in your life today.

Think about this for a moment. You can only give so many kisses, hugs, compliments etc. and then this show of affection becomes less effective.

Anybody who appreciates a good meal knows that there is nothing sexier than a man or women who know their way around the kitchen.

How often have you used cooking attraction to get what you want?  Probably not often. The next time you want you significant other to do something, butter them (no pun intended) up by cooking them their favorite meal.