CookBooks: Our Top Picks & Recommendations

Cookbooks are a blessings. This is especially the case, if you're tired of visiting hundreds of websites and clicking through thousands of different links to find the recipe you need. Wouldn't to just be better if you had the recipes in a format that was easy to digest and use? After receiving numerous of requests (at least 2 per week) from readers who wanted to to buy PDF version of popular recipes books we decided to give you our recommendations.

Instead of having to hunt the internet for recipes, your best bet would be to buy one of the recipe books listed below. Each cookbook is filled with delicious and tasty dishes you can use to prepare fabulous meals.

Delicious Diabetic Recipes CookBook

The Ultimate Delicious Diabetic Cookbook, is filled with 369 diabetes friendly recipes. This digital cookbook is ideal for anyone who wants to follow a healthy diabetes diet, but still wants to eat foods that taste great. The ability to prepare exquisite and tasty meals will literally be at the ends of your fingertips with recipe books that contains everything you need to make 100's of meal combinations.

You get 369 easy to prepare recipes in the following 8 categories:

Main Dishes (49 recipes)

Fish & Seafood (14 recipes)

Breakfast (21 recipes)

Side Dishes (14 recipes)

Sauces (18 recipes)

Desserts (202 recipes)

Soups & Stews (13 recipes)

Salads (31 recipes)

You can easily manage your diabetes by preparing recipes in this digitable cookbook and eating sensibly.

Transforming Recipes Cookbook

The Transforming Recipes cookbook is filled with ultra-low carb recipes of all the food you love to eat. What I like most about this is ebook is the fact it featuring over 116 mouthwatering and tasty recipes that are designed to help you meet you weight-loss goals. If you are interested in low-carb eating you already know the benefits you can gain be preparing and eating these recipes.

With these recipes you can burn more fat, build more muscle and get the lean body you have always dreamed about and all while eating the foods you love, just prepared in a unique way that will help you lose more weight.

Some of my favorite recipes include:

Chorizo Sausage Hash

Ham and Swiss Skillet

Roasted Chicken with Pesto and Tomatoes

Spicy Shrimp Stir-Fry

Backyard BBQ Secrets CookBook

The Competition BBQ Secrets cookbook is for anyone who like cookouts and backyard barbecues. This is the digital cookbook to own if you are serious about outdoors and you want to take home the bragging rights. Learn from a Pitmaster and BBQ grand champion how to barbecue the best chicken, pork ribs, pork buts, pork shoulders, and beef brisket.

This is the book to have if you've ever wanted to make your own homemade..




You'll even get insider information on which type of cookers are best (i.e. offset smokers, ceramic smokers, vertical smokers, kettle grills, propane, or pit).