Chicken and Egg Breakfast

by Scott
(San Antonio, TX)

Chicken and Egg Breakfast

Chicken and Egg Breakfast

Here is my quick and easy chicken and egg breakfast recipe. I love starting the day with a BIG breakfast like chicken and eggs. This high calorie breakfast fuels my body with carbs and protein, giving me enough ENERGY to get me through the morning.

This breakfast satisfies my hunger until I can get away from the office to eat lunch. On mornings when I eat a big breakfast like this, I normally eat a small lunch since I'm not starving by lunchtime. For lunch, a small salad, bowl of soup and a tall glass of what will hold me until dinner.

Now at dinnertime I usually eat a normal meal. Here is the recipes for you to tryout and enjoy.

Chicken and Egg Breakfast Recipe


1 boneless, skinless chicken breast, grilled
green onions, chopped
parsley, chopped
3 large eggs, scrambled
baby spinach, chopped


1. I usually season the chicken breast the night before and refrigerate it until just before cooking.

2. Grilled the chicken breast over medium-high heat until done. When the chicken is almost done, I add the green onions and parsley, cooking and stirring these alongside the chicken breast. I removed the cooked chicken to a plate and top the chicken with the cooked onions and parsley.

3. Scramble the eggs with spinach and serve alongside your grilled chicken breast.


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