Buy Salvage & Surplus Groceries

by Mike S.
(Sand Springs, Ok)

I save lots of money buying at surplus and salvage grocery stores. They always have a changing inventory and lots of good stuff I wouldn't normally buy. But because it is so cheap, I am willing to try new fancy foods.

This last trip to Whoops, I bought a 12 pack of Rocky Mountain high hemp tea for $1.00, the whole 12 pack, not just one can!

Also, a store I go to every time I pass through Fort Worth has a good sized refrigerated and freezer section with lots of good bargains, and the food is all very good. I don't recall ever having to toss anything because it tasted bad from being old.

Below is a link to a website with a state by state listing of stores that sell salvage and surplus Groceries. The list not always up to date but it is a good place to start if you are interested.

>>> Extreme Grocery Bargains

The USDA also says that the dates on food are not an indicator of safety, just an indicator of best quality. In case you were worrying about expiration dates just check out the link below.

>>> Food Product Expiration Dates

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