Black Womens Health - Avoiding
The Unavoidable Question

Do I Look Fat In This?

Did the opening title catch your attention or are you concerned about black womens healthy?

For men the pain that comes with the question "Do I Look Fat in These Jeans, Pants, Skirt, or Dress?" is unavoidable. We just can't win.

Now that I have your attention I'd like to discuss something important. I'm a mommas boy and I love my sole mate and wife of over 10 years. Eating healthy is an issue that's near and dear to my heart.

Ladies it's a known fact that your cooking and eating habits are effecting more than your waist size. This applies equally for men and women.

Who really cares if you or I for that fact gain weight, just as long as we are healthy. Don't be deceived by the stereotypical tiny models or the bulging six-packed mid section. That's just not reality and chasing that dream is counter productive.

Gaining weight is not really bad news. But, the illnesses that can arise from weight gain contributed to over indulgence can be devastating.

What illnesses you ask? Diabetes, Heart disease, and hypertension are all silent but deadly killers for black women and men.

It's my opinion that creative cookery in your kitchen can go a long way toward lessoning the affects or reducing your chances of having to personally confront diabetes, heart disease or hypertension.

In the following weeks and months, I will research and find the latest information for you on diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.

Then I will publish several related articles detailing the causes, preventative steps and care for each disease.

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