Best Way To Cook Chicken Gizzards

by Adam Watson
(San Pedro Ca. USA)

Looking for the best way to cooking chicken like the way my mother did. Should I use egg batter with flour?

What I'm after is cooking chicken gizzards. It's been a long time and I need them bad. When I do them they come out hard or under cooked.

Also can chicken gizzards be baked?

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Sep 03, 2021
Not good at all
by: Anonymous

I tried the recipe as-is. They did not turn out soft and edible like I have tasted in a local restaurant. Looking for another recipe.

Sep 28, 2016
Qiuck& Good Gizzards
by: Anonymous

Look, I cook these things almost everyday in the restaurant I work. What we do is simple. Get your oil up to 350 degrees, dip the gizzards into an egg wash, roll them in flour & place them straight into 350 degree oil for 4-5 mins. Take them out when almost golden. Let them sit & strain for a couple of mins.

EAT!!!!! That simple! Enjoy!!

Nov 23, 2013
Glad it worked for you
by: Mike Fech

Glad to hear your gizzards came out great. I just did a batch a couple of nights ago myself. Tasty stuff.

Nov 16, 2013
Slow Cooking Chicken Gizzards Work

Slow cooking chicken gizzards in the crock pot worked great!

I used a mix of flour and corn meal after drenching in egg wash. I used coconut oil for frying. I would NOT suggest that oil as it over powers the taste of the gizzards. I will use olive oil to see how that changes the taste next time.

The other thing I will do is to trim the membrane more carefully on each gizzard. I missed a few pieces and even the crock top could not keep it from being like chewing a rubber band.

All in all I was happy to find this recipe and to be able to leave the gizzards to slow cook in the crock pot and not have to mind them on the stove top!

Thanks again for all the wonderful tips you provide.

Jan 13, 2012
The Best Fried Gizzards Ever
by: Mike Fech

It took me a year to develop the perfect gizzards, but this by far is the best way to fry gizzards. It does take some prep time.

1.) Slow cook chicken gizzards in a slow cooker for no less than 6 hours in just enough water to cover gizzards. If you cook for less time the gizzards will be chewy. 6 hours creates the perfect,soft, melt in your mouth gizzards. Save the liquid and mix with some Wondra for great Potato gravy. (No - boiling and pressure cookers will not achieve this nice texture the slow cooker creates at 6 hours. I have tried these methods and they just do not work).

2.) Cool the gizzards in the fridge for at least an hour.

3.) Mix Kentucky Kernel Seasoned flour with a bit of Accent Seasoning (yes this is MSG and you will find it next to the salt at walmart), lots of pepper (2 table spoons), and some salt (1tsp). Use egg to dip the gizzards in then put in the seasoning mix and coat well.

4.) Fry the gizzards in a simmering fry, not a raging fry (Cast Iron Skillet is the best). Put a lid over the gizzards as there frying. Fry for a few minutes then turn over and fry a few more minutes. When the gizzards look like KFC chicken you're almost done. Take the lid off the skillet and fry for a couple of minutes to crisp them up. Put on a paper towel to cool and drain oil.

5.) Enjoy! - They will taste like KFC Gizzards.

Nov 18, 2011
added feature
by: Anonymous

Have you thought about boiling the gizzard first until just done.... drain them than fry them...comes out very tender easy to chew..

May 02, 2010
Cooking Chicken Gizzard or Hearts and Livers
by: magiccatdancing

From 55 yr old southern girl! Taught by Mom and Dad.

Just put flour in a baggie, about 2-3 cups, depending on how chicken gizzards you are going to fry, add salt and pepper and maybe a little seasoning salt, shake it up good and taste to see if you have enough to just taste the salt.

Rinse the liver, gizzards or hearts and right after you rinse them, shake them off a little, add to bag and shake it all up, covering all of the meat well, you can add them as you go or let them set in the flour while you heat the oil.

Oil should be enough to cover bottom of pan and about an 1/8th of an inch deep, about a 1/4 cup of oil or so, you can use any oil you like but I use vegetable oil.

Make sure you get the oil to 350 degrees, the flour will stick better if grease is heated to 350 before you start, I test this by taking a little wad of flour from the bag and throwing it into the pan and if it spreads out it is not ready (or you can use a candy thermometer), if the flour stays together when put it into the pan it is ready. Turn heat down to medium-low and start frying, just fry until the meat browns, then flip and fry until the other side browns.

I am going to say maybe 2-4 minutes on each side. Every stove and the adjustment can be different, gas and electric fry differently, I like gas, it is more adjustable. They should be perfect and the livers are great with cream gravy.

To make the gravy from the livers drippings, keep about 6 tablespoons of the drippings in pan and turn off. Add flour till it makes a paste, then add 1 can 8oz cream, (evaporated milk), heat slowly and stir constantly, then add milk slowly as it thickens, keep adding milk slowly till it is a gravy consistence, then salt and pepper to taste. Should make about 4-6 cups of gravy.

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