You Can Find The Best Soul Food In These Hot Spots

If you're going to eat you might as well enjoy the best soul food you can sink your teeth into. By now the suspense is killing you. You just have to know the top 3 places to look for your next soul food fix.

In my opinion you have three and only 3 options when it comes to lining your belly with a tremendously delicious down-home cooked soul food meal.

First you can get in the kitchen and cook up your favorite foods like only you know how to do. Just head to the kitchen and whip up your favorite recipe or try one of the hundreds of soul food recipes available for you on this website.

Second, if cooking is a challenge you'd rather not deal with just head to the kitchen of the nearest soul food home cook you can find. Sunday's will usually be your best bet for being in the right spot at the right time.

Third, if all else fails just head on over to your local soul food restaurant. If you live in one of the major cities like Atlanta, Houston, Philadelphia, New York or Chicago, why don't you check out the sites restaurant reviews.

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