Back in the days 1970s

by Kathy Lindner
(Ft Laud Florida)

When I was a young girl at the tender age of 14 my family and I moved into a very diverse type of neighborhood. We made friends quickly but the one dear friend that I will never forget, I will call her Ceil.

She was the best cook that I have ever known and have sampled many of her southern favorites, but I must admit that her collard greens were the best I have ever tasted to this day!

Not only did she flavor these greens with her own recipe but she added her love of cooking as well.

A very kind and generous soul, so many years my senior but every bit of a friend to me as any of my friends my own age.

I will never forget Miss Ceil but most of all her wonderful, never to be tasted again anywhere since, collard greens.

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