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Celebrate National Catfish Month With These Recipes
August 14, 2007

Did you know August Is National Catfish Month?

Several of my newsletter subscribers emailed me to let me know August is National Catfish Month.

It totally slipped my mind and I failed to provide you with some great catfish recipes to help you celebrate this catfish holiday. Read recipes online

Well let me make things up to you.

Below you’ll find some of my best catfish recipes along with my some of my favorite side dishes.

Just in case you’re wondering what I’m cooking to celebrate national catfish month click here. Enjoy!

Catfish Recipe

Blackened Catfish

Southern Fried Catfish

Baked Blackened Catfish

Side Dish Recipes

Baked Potato

Fried Hush Puppies

Cole Slaw

Macaroni and Cheese

Fun Facts About The Catfish

- Unlike most fish, catfish don’t have scales.

- Catfish “whiskers” are covered with taste buds that allow them to find food in murky water.

- Texans eat more catfish than any other state in America.

How To Prevent Odors When Frying Your Foods

Like most people I eat my fair share of fried foods. If you want to prevent the odor you get when frying foods here’s what you can do.

To wipe out that smell just throw a sprig of parsley into your frying oil/grease just before it starts to heat up. This will keep the odor from taking over your house.

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Linnen Hodo

Self Taught Cook and Editor, Soul Food Digest

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