Side Dish for Chicken and Dumplings Dinner

What foods do you serve with chicken and dumplings?

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Jan 07, 2016
Side Dish for Chicken and Dumplings Dinner
by: Anonymous

How about green beans or baked mac n cheese?

Sep 24, 2015
Side dishes for chicken and dumplings
by: Anonymous

Home fried potatoes
Any green leafy vegetable
Cole slaw

Aug 03, 2015
Chicken dumpling side dish
by: Anonymous

Fried or baked breaded okra is great side for chicken dumplings

Nov 24, 2014
Side Dishes for Chicken and Dumplins
by: Anonymous

More Side Dishes

- Jello fruit cup

- Peaches and cottage cheese

- Broccoli with shredded cheese

- Pea Salad, lettuce and tomato's fried bacon crunched up

- Roasted sweet potato , you can pour some of the sauce over the potato

- Salads with celery, cucumber, carrots, dried cranberries, raisins, radishes, with or without lettuce and with your favorite dressing

Enjoy these options

Aug 21, 2011
String Beans Goes Great...
by: Anonymous

Can't go wrong with string beans!!!!

Apr 07, 2011
chicken and dumplings sides
by: Anonymous

I always make fresh fried corn, sweet variety, mashed potatoes, cole slaw, and green beans. One thing that I found I love to eat with chicken and dumplings, but I do not fix, I just happened to have it one time, it is cranberry salad.

Oct 19, 2010
To have with Chicken and Dumplins
by: Poppadog

Cornbread dressing works well with chicken and dumplings.

Sep 25, 2010
Chicken and Dumplings Side Dish
by: Soul Food Chef

For most people chicken and dumplings are considered a complete one-dish meal. However, if you must serve a side dish with your chicken and dumplings here are a few suggestions:

- Stuffed bell peppers
- Steamed vegetables
- Glazed carrots
- Sweet corn
- Salad
- Creamed Spinach

Jun 27, 2010
side dish for chicken and dumplings
by: Anonymous

Try a Waldorf salad as a side dish.

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