What are Hog Maws

by Millie
(Anniston, AL USA)

What is a Hog Maw and how do you clean them?

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Dec 21, 2008
How to Clean Hog Maws
by: Soul Food Chef

To clean hog maws all you have to do is soak and rinse them thoroughly in several different cycles of cool tap water. While soaking and rinsing, repeatedly trim away excess fat and remove any fecal matter that might be present. Cut the clean hog maws into bite-size pieces and boil until tender. Normally, hog maws are cooked along with chitterlings.

Dec 16, 2008
How to Clean Hog Maws
by: Anonymous


Good question. Hog maws are the linings of a pigs stomach. I often include hog maws in my chitlin / chitterlings dish for more meat.

Since hog maws are relatively fat free when compared to chitterlings (pig intestines) all you have to do is pull away any excess fat that you might see and be sure to give them a good washing before cooking. More advise would be to cut them into bit site pieces.

Again, in my family we normal eat hog maws with chitterlings. If you want to give this combination a try just click over to see the recipe below:

Chitterlings and Hog Maws recipe

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