Watch for sales and Buy in Bulk

by Wilma
(Clermont FL)

My Best Tips: Watch for sales; Buy in Bulk then Freeze into family size packages; find a store w/o the fancy aisles.

I feel so lucky to have a grovery store just a few miles from home thus saving gas as well as finding items that please my family and the prices on some items are a dollar less than a bigger grocery store. I go for quality in meats, veggies, milk, eggs, butter, cheese
and I find them consistently here.

Buying in bulk is not used that much, since I found this store with their wonderful prices. I could not believe at first and have told my friends who thought that it would not be worth their time to patronize such a store. I HAVE NO IDEA HOW THEY COMPETE WITH BIGGER, MORE PUBLICIZED STORES with UP-TO-DATE aisles of goodies. I highly recommend this find for good nutritious foods at a price that saves my food budget with tremendous results.

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