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[Soul Food Digest] Why I May Never Eat Meat Again
September 19, 2009


Soul Food and Southern Cooking Newsletter

"Building Strong Families One Recipe At Time"

J-Jay Johnson, Publisher

19 September 2009 -- Issue 19



I just finished watching this disturbing video about supermarket chains. Some strange things are going on, in our supermarkets and grocery stores.

Thanks to the investigative work of some United Kingdom (UK) journalist, the truth was uncovered as to what is going on behind the scenes in the production of the foods we are buying.

Now you might be thinking the startling facts of this UK video don't apply to the United States---think again.

Regulations are less strict in the US, so things may be worst in the stores where you shop.

Watch the video by visiting the link below:

I have posted some new recipes in the last couple of days which can be found by going to the webpage below.

When you arrive at my site just stroll down the page looking for the NEW picture next to the most recent recipes.


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