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[Soul Food Digest] Issue # 18, Happy Easter
April 11, 2009


Soul Food and Southern Cooking Newsletter

"Building Strong Families One Recipe At Time"

J-Jay Johnson, Publisher

11 April 2009 -- Issue 18



In This Issue:

1) How I Almost Forgot Easter

2) Feature Article: What To Cook For Easter Dinner

3) Q&A: How do you make perfect Easter eggs?



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1) "How I Almost Forgot Easter" ---------------------------------------------------------

I have just been too busy the last couple of days. Between work, preparing taxes and taking care of my family I really almost forgot about Easter.

When I finally realized it was Easter weekend, I rushed off to the store to buy supplies and all the food items I

would need to make this years dinner.

If you have been too busy or reluctant to prepare for this years Easter Holiday, "boy" do I have a treat for you.


2) [What To Cook For Easter Dinner] ---------------------------------------------------------

With Easter Holiday just around the corner, you'll have to plan in advance if you want this years celebration to be more memorable than last year.

Your list of things to get and do before this years Easter Celebration probably reads like this:

* I need new dresses and suits for the family * I need prizes and candy for the easter egg hunt * I need Easter baskets for the kids * I need ingredients for Sunday dinner and Easter egg coloring

I bet you're like most parents. You will spend most of your time shopping for that special Easter dress or Easter suit that'll make your family members stand-out from the rest of the crowd during Sunday Service.

Likewise, you'll invest a great deal of your precious time decorating Easter eggs, finding the perfect Easter basket or if you are really creative you might end up designing a unique Easter gift basket.

I can't help you pick out what you'll wear this Easter Sunday or prepare a custom basket, but I can help you put some decent great tasting food on your dinner table.

So what should you serve for Easter Dinner?

My advice would be to go with a traditional Easter Recipes such as:

* Honey Baked Ham * Potato Salad * Collard Greens * Corn Bread * Peach Cobbler * Homemade Lemonade

Just serve up this meal and you're sure to be a big hit.

Here are the links to download and print each recipe:


3) Q&A: How do you make perfect Easter eggs that taste great? ---------------------------------------------------------

Have you ever struggle to prepare Easter eggs?

Over the years, I bet you have had many opportunities to taste Easter eggs. Some of which were not very tasty and some that where maybe even uneatable. I'm also sure you have had the fortune of tasting one that was boiled to perfection.

Have you every tasted an egg with yolks that were almost green? If so you'd remember the egg didn't taste so well. I'm here to tell you to forget about Easter eggs with green yolks.

Today you're going to learn how to produce boiled eggs with fluffy yellow yolks. In addition, you can use this egg boiling technique whenever any of your recipes call for hard-boiled eggs.

So now, you are obvious thinking how do you go about boiling eggs that result in fluffy yellow yolks?

The process is simple, place your eggs in a single layer in a large pot and cover with cold water. Place the pot on the stove and bring water to a full boil. Immediately remove boiling pot of hot water from the hot burner and let the eggs sit in the hot water for 15 to 20 minutes at the most.

Drain eggs, let them dry and you can begin to decorate the eggs. Depending on the number of eggs you want to boil you might have to repeat this process.

With boil eggs in hand you have the key ingredient to making the best Easter eggs ever. Enjoy!


(C) Copyright Soul Food and Southern All rights reserved. ---------------------------------------------------------

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