Swamp Cabbage

by Elizabeth Arbitelle
(Sebastian, Florida USA)

Okay I live in Florida and my boyfriend loves swamp cabbage. I was told that it is now illegal and was wondering if it was true. If not where can I buy some and how do I cook it. I am an aspiring chef and it could be useful information in case some one wants me to cook it.

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May 09, 2015
A Woman Can
by: Anonymous

I have about 300 Sable Palms on my 5 acres that I will be taking down with a back hoe this summer. I plan on taking out the hearts (swamp cabbage) and cooking and/or selling them. To Southern Cooking- I am guessing by your comment that the other female poster should get her boyfriend to harvest it for her, that she can't operate a chainsaw herself? Women are very capable these days. Just sayin'. :)

A Capable Woman

Feb 20, 2015
Heart of Palm
by: Anonymous

Swamp Cabbage is not the heart of a palmetto. It is the Heart of the Swamp Cabbage Palm tree.

Oct 18, 2012
Florida Swamp Cabbage
by: Southern Cooking

You will probably have to have your boyfriend harvest the swamp cabbage. It is the heart of that palmetto that grows wild everywhere in Florida. There were endless miles of it growing wild as we were growing up, however, due to over-building of residences in FL the wild palmetto has been fairly well decimated, thus the folks attempting to make it illegal. However, we plant and grow our own in our yard so I don't think that is off limits.

We usually cooked and ate it the way one would use something like cabbage or celery: just simmered in seasoned chicken broth until it is tender, then slice it and serve on a salad or as an appetizer with whatever one is drinking.

My mother made a kind of mayonnaise sauce for dipping or whatever was the favorite salad dressing of the hour. It used to be sold in super markets under the title "hearts of palm, considered a great delicacy. Very nice.

Jun 15, 2012
Heart of Palm Swamp cabbage
by: Anonymous

Just go to the store and buy Heart of Palm (swamp cabbage) it is usually close to the artichokes in the vegtable isle. It's not the same as fresh but will work

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