How to Season Pinto Beans

How can I season my pinto bean so that they will taste good?

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Mar 30, 2015
by: Susan

Yeah, I have been thinking about the same, as my children are usually complaining about its taste. I have tried some methods which I know myself to season the Pinto beans, but still they don’t taste any better.

Sep 12, 2013
Peanut Butter Trick
by: NM

An elderly neighbor taught me 20 years ago to put peanut butter in my pintos as I cooked them, and it's a wonderful trick. Also, I think cooking very slowly in cast iron helps. After bringing to a boil, turn the heat way down low and add peanut butter, onions, salt and pepper (and fresh okra if you grow it). I've had guests who went out and bought a cast iron Dutch oven after eating my beans. But I really think it was the peanut butter. They didn't ask, though, so I didn't tell.

Sep 29, 2012
Good pinto bean
by: Anonymous

I cook my pinto beans in just chicken broth and use a smoked turkey wing or leg, great flavor and I cook in a crock pot on low heat over night.

Apr 05, 2012
For Good Beans
by: Cecil

Another way is to put in a good ham bone. The next time you have a ham, save the bone and freeze it until you are ready to cook your beans. If you have a Honey Baked ham store in your area they also sell ham bones. Cost depends on the size of the bone.
Add a whole onion chopped, a couple of clove of garlic, and season to taste.

Feb 28, 2012
The Best Pinto Beans Ever
by: Anonymous

For a pound of dried pintos, I use a ham hock, 1 bay leaf, salt, pepper and 1 tablespoon creole seasoning. I slow cook the ingredients on the stove, not in crock pot and the results are still delicious.

Jun 29, 2011
Best beans
by: DD

You may laugh but for great beans add a big spoon of creamy peanut butter salt and pepper. And if you like your beans thick cook them then put in fridge over night.

Mar 03, 2010
Tasty Pinto Beans
by: Anonymous

We always get a dried chili pod and throw it in there with some onion and some garlic. We've also done the quick method with FIESTA PINTO BEAN SEASONING.....All in there and you just put some in to taste! Yummy!

Mar 03, 2009
Tasty Pinto Beans
by: Anonymous

You have a tasty pinto recipe. I have made it! I like to add red pepper flakes or hot sauce near the end of cooking.


Pass the cornbread!

Jan 22, 2009
How To Cook Pinto Beans
by: Soul Food Chef

I recommend adding a ham hock to your pinto beans for some additional flavor. Here is the recipe that I use that my family loves.

Pinto Beans

Building on the pinto bean recipe above all you have to do is boil your ham hock for about an hour or two and then add you dried pinto beans and slow cook them until the are tender.

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