How to cook pig feet

by Tyreese Johnson

Please tell me how to cook pig feet or come to my house and help me.

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Dec 31, 2015
Thank you this was very helpful
by: Anonymous

Thank you so much for the directions on how to cook pig feet. It was very helpful

Jan 15, 2011
My pigs feet recipe
by: Anonymous

Here is my pigs feet recipe with no measurements.

I use SPLIT PIG FEET there are no measurements in the recipe or what have you.

Clean your pig feet well and buy a bag of razors from the $1 store. Use the razors to shave off any hairs around the knuckles or toes of the pigs feet.

Place the pig feet in a large pot and cover with cold water. Bring pig feet to a boil to remove scum that floats to the top. Pour the water off and replenish with cold plain water and bring to a boil for a 2nd time again remove all scum by draining the water and rinsing of the pig feet.

Use low-sodium chicken stock and water to cover the pigfeet add a whole onion or more depending on the amount of pigs feet you are preparing.

Add garlic (whole and smashed) and thenjalapeno if you like it spicy. I use steak seasoning, crushed red pepper, and a couple of bay leaves (do not use salt until they have cooked enough for the seasoning to incorporate and you can test taste).

Boil on low until the skin falls off the bone.

Another sure way is to follow the first steps for boiling off the scum and then adding the pigs feet to a crock pot w/all the seasoning and cook overnight on low.

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