How to Clean a Hog Maw

by Linda
(Hanover, PA)

We are butchering hogs this week and it has been a long time since I have cleaned the maws. Does anyone know an easy way to clean them (skin, scrape etc) or what is best to use to clean them?

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Feb 08, 2009
Cleaning A Hog Maw
by: Stephen M Gebhart

Linda, I guess you already know you need to clean the insides out and there is a membrane on the inside that needs to be removed. Clean,clean,clean and I would use some lukewarm salty water. If you would like to chat about butchering hogs, I live in Hanover and my phone number is listed. Good luck. We are butchering four hogs on the 21st. Must be a PA. Dutch thing.
The way it sounds family butcherings are coming back and I think that is great.

Jan 03, 2009
How to Clean a Hog Maw
by: Soul Food Chef

Linda the fact that you are butchering your own hogs is pretty impressive. I've never participated in the process, but would love an opportunity to do so. We have already answered this question in a previous How to Clean Hog Maws post. Please visit the page and see if it jogs your memory.

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